シェルダン ナイドル 2017年5月30日

The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle, May 30th, 2017

6 Chicchan, 8 Pax, 13 Caban

Dratzo! As before, the monies are gradually moving forward. Since this movement is proceeding in the most cautious manner, it is difficult for all of this to unfold as swiftly as we prefer. There are indeed scalawags and rapscallions everywhere. However, remember that there are those who are quite capable of ensuring the guaranteed safety of every shipment. The present procedures are therefore quite unnecessary. Thus, we ask that the methods we have so kindly suggested be vigorously adopted.
   When this takes place, we deeply believe that the current situation can be quickly remedied. At present, the ways employed stretch this payment system to a method even slower than one can imagine. We realize as noted before that the dark cabal is still able to retain vestiges of power. What is now required is to accelerate arrest cycles of the cabal and simply sweep them and their illegal USA, INC from power. There are in truth vast sums of gold and other precious metals to ensure a swift compliance to ending this sad reality and instead setting up NESARA and its wondrous flag!
   Let us do this as quickly as possible so we can eliminate all the odd agreements that are currently “gumming up” the works. The main purpose of all that has preceded this moment was simply to assure that the dark was properly vanquished and the Good carefully restored. It is true that the dark was everywhere. Let us then swiftly capture and isolate them from the general public. We stand ready as before to implement this process as quickly as our technology allows.
   What we are saying is for all who are involved to quickly establish NESARA and its marvelous Republic. As noted previously by us, it is taking too long to complete the first part of this divine mission. We are at your service to achieve a much swifter rollout of the current delivery system. It is essential as the old saying goes to “get on with it.” Let us work together, in safety, and in the knowing joy that all of this can indeed be completed in a faster and more secure way. At the beginning, the purpose of all this was to successfully isolate the dark. Let us in this spirit of a newfound allegiance go forth and finish this more quickly!
   Blessings! We are Your Ascended Masters! The great gifts from Heaven are finally being readied to bless you. Take this prosperity and pursue your dreams so each of you is able to achieve your passions. You are to learn much about yourselves and much more about how best to swiftly manifest your deepest passions. As you proceed, remember why you are doing this and help each other to achieve your sacred goals.
   What you are divinely doing is a full measure of how you can fulfill your potential. We are sure that you made a general sketch of how you truly intend to accomplish your long-held dream. It is our intention to help smooth the way for all who worked on this project with a good set of thoughts and actions. It is not easy to work in this realm especially if you do not have a well sketched-out plan sitting deep and protected in your mind’s eye. Develop this set of sensible thoughts and know in your heart that where possible We Masters can be summoned to help you manifest what is to aid humanity and this ever-changing realm.
   As noted at the beginning, you are very close to receiving your heavenly blessings. Take this time now to sincerely formulate what is truly needed to be done. Start at the appropriate beginning in your mind to see what you first need so you can start your project. Have contingencies for every possibility. As noted, we can help you. Call upon us as necessary and proceed with this blessed project to help humanity. In doing so, you can learn more about yourself in the process. We bless every one of you and just ask that you listen carefully to that inner voice that guides you. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Today, we continued to report on what is happening across this most beautiful orb. Before you act, go inside and begin with a good heart and a well-planned set of actions. Because of you, this world can soon be shifted into a new wondrous reality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

☆ 伊藤農園では体験農業募集中 


モンタギュー キーン 2017年5月17日

Montague via Veronica Keen, May 14th, 2017



私たちはあなたのためにこれを準備しています。私たちは、地球を支配し、人類を抹殺しようとする最終的な試みに備えて、あなたに警告しました。精神薄弱の人々は、秘密結社の為に彼らの汚い仕事をして(人類を)支配すために操作されています。光に完全に足を踏み入れたことのない人がいます。 彼らはいずれかの宗教または国家に1本の足を置いています。イエズス会はまだそれをコントロールしています。 これらの人々は危険であり、信頼することは困難です。もしイエズス会がアイルランドを失ったとしても、彼らは希望なく、完全に終わったので、心が特にアイルランドの心で満たされているために恐怖と疑いで十分踏みとどまる強さはありません。

Alex Jones Channel
We have been preparing you for this. We warned you to be prepared for the final attempt to take control of the Earth and wipe out humanity. Weak-minded people are being manipulated to assist the Cabal by doing their dirty work for them. There are people who have never stepped fully into the light; they keep one foot in either religion or the State. The Jesuits still mind control them. These people can be dangerous and difficult to trust. They are not strong enough to make a stand as their minds are filled with fear and doubt, especially the Irish mind, for if the Jesuits ever lose Ireland, they are without hope, completely finished.
It takes courage to stand for truth and to do what is right for humanity. Watch how these people attack those who try to prepare you for the Event. They pathetically attack what they once stood for. They are to be pitied as they are in fear. Soon it will not be possible to keep a foot in both camps. Much is being blocked and problems are created where none had existed. Try not to let it get to you. Rise above it, as it is temporary and it will not last. You know that the Cabal will fail.

From this side of life, we are putting everything in place so that when the time comes, everything will fall into place. Both sides of life are working on the ley lines to ensure that humanity has the energy it needs to complete the Transition without problem. The Cabal has put in place evil people, who hide behind masks. They masquerade as charity workers. This is not true. They use black magic rituals that can change, alter, or delete, whatever they want. This has been going on for generations. It was perfected at the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England. They can suppress a positive outcome, leaving humanity confused and bewildered. They have successfully suppressed knowledge and thereby kept humanity in the dark.

Energy workers are very important at this time as they can release the good energy from the ley lines and the sacred places. I urge you to use your gift to benefit humanity. Dark spirits are being used to cause problems, or delay, whatever they choose. However, you can remove these problems by sending them to the light. Open up to your own power and use it to protect yourself and the rest of humanity.

The satanic secret services use dark spirits all the time for their own ends. I informed Veronica that a member of my blood family continues to use her evil powers. It saddens me a great deal to see how she operates, always conveying the cloak of respectability. People who lack the courage of their convictions can be manipulated so easily. When you return to spirit, it is quite different. The full truth is there before you. It is difficult to see those you once believed to be good people, exposed as evil manipulators who pulled the wool over the eyes of so many.

Those within the Cabal will find themselves exposed, their treacherous manipulation of the human race will be laid bare before you. They will plead for mercy. Their crimes against humanity were planned well in advance. They showed no mercy to you, or to the children they have tortured, raped, and killed for their own pleasure, and to ensure their continued existence on Earth. You have decisions to make that cannot be taken lightly. Once you step into your own power, you will fear no man, and you will conduct the Transition with dignity. 
Justice will be seen to be done. All that once belonged to all of humanity will be returned to it. These are exciting times, so have no fear, as justice will prevail.
All that was used to control you, through false promises that could never be kept, will be exposed. All religions will be wiped off the face of the Earth. Everything will be seen in a new light, the light of truth. Though those in political power still clamour for World War 3, they will not get their wish. The Cabal has many ways to destroy people. When Veronica was young, TB was the scourge of Ireland. It affected almost every family. This was a curse placed on Ireland and it was very effective. It was done through black magic and it was contained within a plaque that was placed at Tara. This is but one of the ways that disease is spread, wherever and whenever the Cabal desires.

You live in a world that you know very little about. For now, the Cabal controls everything: your health, food, weather, air, etc. You are like puppets to be played with. They do not care one jot about you. So they can kill you with impunity. It is time to get off the treadmill of life and become who you really are. Once you remove all the blocks that bind you to the Cabal, you are free to explore the Earth in all its beauty.

America is again talking about Project Bluebeam. They think that they will be able to scare enough of you to enable them to take back control. This will not be allowed, as the Andromedans will expose Project Bluebeam for what it is, the last hope of a evil regime. You know the truth, it cannot be changed. Success is yours, so take it with both hands. Believe in yourselves, for this is your time.
My dear, the attacks are to be expected, as those in the Cabal are bad losers. The treacherous threats are sad. It is due to Jesuit indoctrination which still prevails in Ireland. Pray for him. We watch over him.

Always your adoring, Monty.

☆ 伊藤農園では体験農業募集中 


ミラ 2017年5月5日

Mira from Pleiades   2017年5月5日



次元上昇の過程は、段階的ですが、柔軟性と忍耐が必要です。 それはたくさん起こっているので、あなたは、体からの声を聞くことが重要です。あなたが思い出すなら、これは惑星上に生命が存在しながら次元上昇するのは初めてのことです。これは私たち全員にとって実験の一部です。来るべきエネルギーと愛を物理的に受け取る能力をテストしています。私たちもあなたを支援しています。私たちは何がうまくいくのか、異なったやり方をするために必要なことは何かと注目しています。あなたは完全に順調な過程にあります。



私たちはあなたの業績、献身、地球への責任に驚いています。  あなたの変化している現実についてできる限り気をつけてください。それを他の人と共有してください。あなたの変化する意識について報告してください。あなたが経験し始めている奇妙な状況のいくつかを観察してください。誰もが霊感を必要とします。これはライトワーカーが、奉仕できる事の一部です。


愛と喜びと平和をあなたにお届けします。 私はミラです。

Greetings, I am Mira.

I’m speaking to you today with joy in my heart due to the progress that you are making with your ascension. Your work has assisted us and you are doing an exemplary job with your light work and in working with the energies. We understand this is challenging for many of you. You may be living in the fifth or higherdimensions at one moment and then get taken back into the third dimension. This is part of the ascension process. It requires you to be able to walk up the ascension ladder and sometimes you have to revert back to take care of matters that are still in the third the dimension.

Although the ascension process is a step-by-step process it requires flexibility and patience. It is important that you listen to the body because it is going through a lot. If you recall, this is the first time that a planet will be going through an ascension and still have life on it. This is a bit of an experiment for all of us. We are testing your abilities to physically receive the energies and love that are coming. We are also assisting you. We are noting what is working well and what is necessary for us to do differently. You are fully in the process.
You are also in the shifting timelines with overlapping realities. Time can feel stretched out or it can feel as if everything is in the now moment, which is how you will be living. Much of what has seemed important in the third dimension such as paying taxes and doing regular jobs, feels less relevant than before. For many people this is a huge time of awakening. The masses are confused with the changes, distracted, and are out of balance. The things with which they have mostly preoccupied themselves are also becoming trivial yet many are hanging on to the familiar as best they can.
As you proceed with your everyday lives you will begin to find a different areas of interest and meaning. You will feel like you need to focus increasingly on what is most important in your heart. You are learning to let your heart lead the way so that you can comfortably move into the higher dimensions and live from your heart. New focus brings new opportunity. Most of you are preparing in the dream state for the higher work that you will be doing to be of service to life to the earth. Your true purpose is around the corner.
We marvel at your accomplishments, your dedication and your commitment to the earth. Please notice as much as you can about your shifting reality. Share it with others. Give them reports on your shifting consciousness. Observe some of the quirky situations that you are beginning to experience. Everyone needs inspiration. This is partly how the lightworkers can serve.
Your galactic family is all around you in preparation for our reunion. Pay attention to us in the sky and on the planet because we are here. Give little energy to what the dark forces want you to believe. They want you to stay in fear, to believe that war is imminent, and to keep you under their control. Know in your hearts the truth and read between the lines about what is going on. There is a much more than what meets the eye. The light is everywhere.
We send you love, joy, and peace. I am Mira.
» Source – Channel: Valerie Donner

☆ 伊藤農園では体験農業募集中 




☆ 伊藤農園では体験農業募集中 


シェルダン ナイルドニュース2017年5月9日

The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle, May 9th, 2017

(*バッチ処理(バッチしょり)とは、コンピュータで1つの流れのプログラム群(ジョブ)を順次に実行すること。 あらかじめ定めた処理を一度に行うことを示すコンピュータ用語。 反対語は対話処理・インタラクティブ処理またはリアルタイム処理。)




 ナマステ! 私たちはあなたのアセンデッドマスターです!この驚くべき時の一つは、闇勢力が最終的に打倒された事です。したがって、私たちがあなたに祝福された神の奉仕を提供するための時が近づいています。あなたはあなたの惑星が元の姿から離れていった起源と、なぜあなたが突然色々な恐怖と限られた意識に陥ったのかを知る必要があります。 私たちは、これらの質問や他の多くの質問に答える必要があることを知っています。暗闇に完璧に征服された後、あなたを啓発するのは神聖な義務です。その時、我々は適切な質問に答えて明らかにします。


 あなたは、自由に満ちた新しい領域をもたらす主権者の権利と新しい政府が存在する最も驚くような光景を目にします。それは、あなたが天界によって与えられた最も素晴らしい運命を知るために私たちと出会う時でもあります。私たちは天界の勅令を祝福し、ただあなたがこれをすべて受け取り、多くの苦しみをすべて放棄するようにお願いします。代わりに、天界が祝福して与えるすべての巨大な贈り物を描いてください。 ホサナ! ホサナ! ホサナ!


1 kan, 7 Moan, 13 Caban

Dratzo! The most important point is that the key movement continues to go forward. The dark can no longer continue to delay the setting up of each delivery batch. The only way they can interfere now is in how each delivery is assembled and carefully checked out. This means that any possible attempt at a delay is built into this system, which usually takes a matter of days to accomplish. Thus, while this is a tedious process, it is clearly successful. We expect this procedure to continue and to be able to move thoroughly and securely from one delivery to the next with no more prolonged delays.
   As this continues, the prime belief is that this secured system can be easily accelerated. This is determined by the rate of examination of each batch. This is why the various banks used in this system have been reduced to mere providers who are part of a thorough group of those appointed to this special task. Thus, it is highly unlikely that any of the delays of the past are still possible. In effect, we expect this process to shortly begin delivery to you. Indeed, this present system is both timely and effective.
   The strong belief that delivery of the prosperity packages is to happen is due to the simple fact that these packages are close to approval for the final stage of delivery to their assigned destinations. Many amazing things are close to happening!
   This process of forward movement is rapidly becoming unstoppable. Those in charge of forging the new governance sense just how close all of this really is. USA, INC realizes that once these new gold-backed monies are truly released, their demise is inevitable. The end of the Federal Reserve is to clearly signal that NESARA and its republic can formally be declared. It is to be a most magnificent time for all concerned. The completion of this process is to fully strengthen the new financial system and its organization of global compliance! It is then certain that a new and wondrous day has dawned.
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This marvelous time is one in which the dark cabal is finally being vanquished. Therefore, the time is quickly approaching for us to provide our blessed divine service to you. You need to learn of your off-planet origins and why you were suddenly plunged into various fears and limited consciousness. We know that you require answers to these and many other questions. It is our divine duty to enlighten you after the dark has been properly vanquished. At that time, we are to manifest and answer pertinent questions.
   Present occurrences are to allow you to blessedly witness the formal distribution of the RV. This is to be accompanied by the formal delivery of the prosperity funds. These things, together, are to see the rise of the NESARA Republic and to permit the time for the complete isolation of those scallywags that you have labeled the dark cabal. This is to be the divine time for enjoying the end to debt slavery and all that it implies. God’s Blessing to each and every one of you.
   Your most wondrous visions, as you can see, are to bring you a new realm filled with freedom, your sovereign rights and new governance. It is as well to be a time when you are to meet us to learn of the most marvelous fate given to you by Heaven. We bless Heaven’s decrees and simply ask that you take this all in and let go of all the suffering that has been your lot. Instead, picture all the immense gifts that Heaven is blessedly bestowing upon you. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!
   Today is the time to ready yourself for a most welcomed era in your long histories. It is to be when the glorious presents from Heaven are to be received by you. Gaia is, like you, preparing her grand celebration as well. You are to meet both your spiritual and space families. The countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be In Joy!)

☆ 伊藤農園では体験農業募集中 


モンタギュー キーン 2017年4月23日

Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, April 23, 2017


記念碑的な進歩が起こっている。 人々は自分の力を結びつけて「どのように変える必要があるか」その方法をすばやく学んでいます。変更する必要があることを認識することは、グループ内で行うのが最善です。ですからそのグループの力を持って、あなたが望む変更を加えることができます。それはあなた自身のエネルギーとつながり、それを使ってあなたと人類全体を束縛する鎖を取り除くという問題です。

カバールのエネルギーは、そのエネルギーの3%に削減されました。ヴェロニカ(生前の奥さん)は、王室やバチカンなどによって抑制されたエネルギーを解放している他の人々と協力しています。このエネルギーが放出されると、それは必要に応じて流れます。 黒い魔法と地球の外の人工知能は、人を抑えて制御するために使われます。地球を再構築し、振動を高め、もちろん意識を高めるために、多くの助けが与えられています。これらの変化に心を開いてください。 人々のネットワーク全体が使用されていますが、意識していません。

今私は秘密にしなければならない計画があります。私が言うことができるのは予期せぬことを期待することだけです。新しい人生の誕生が進んでいます。カーテンが開いていて、光の中で歓迎し、暗闇を暴露しています。エネルギッシュな構造が暗いエネルギーを掃き出し、光が流れています。地球(Tara)のレイラインはもう一度活性化され、世界中に接続しています多くの人々が解放されています。それは今まであなたから隠されていた真実の解きほぐしです。 これは大きな冒険です。それは今まであなたから隠されていた真実の解きほぐしです。 これは大きな冒険です。あなたはあなたが誰であるか、あなたの歴史、そしてこの生涯で達成できるものの真実を学びます。あなたがそれをやることができると信じてください。銀行は再びあなたを人質にしません。 彼らは削除されます。人類はそのような嘘を再び買うことはありません。地球上の生活の質を破壊した人たちは、彼らが考えるよりも早く行動で答えます。人類の支配者は、絶滅する滑りやすい斜面にあり、彼らはそれを知っています。この乗っ取りの頭にいた2人が捕まりました。


あなたの多くは暗いエネルギーを取り除く能力がありますので、それを使用してください。あなたの中にはコードがあり、他の人を助ける鍵があります。古代のエネルギーの錠を開けることはとても大変です。それは負であるすべてを取り除き、光を包みます。私たちはあなたを導くことができますが、深い地下にある水のエネルギーとレイラインのエネルギーを放出するのはあなた次第です。あなたは、腐敗した政府が行なう人類の貴重な水の供給を妨げるフラッキング(FRACKING)を防ぐ必要があります。  十分で十分です!あなたは、破壊するような行いを聞き入れるてはなりません。これは権利によるあなたのものです。

あなたはそのような刺激的な時代に生きています。真実はどこにでもさらされており、カバールはどこにも隠れていません。彼らは自分自身が暴露され、無力であるとは思っていませんでした。 これは他の惑星の友人たちと私たちと一緒に働くチームの努力によります。それは完璧に動作します。



あなたを愛しています、I love you,

ごめんなさい。I’m sorry.

私を許してください、Please forgive me,

ありがとうございます。Thank you.







Sananda April 26, 2017
History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.
George Santayana

Monumental progress is being made. People are fast learning how to connect and use their own power to change what needs to be changed. Recognising what must be changed is best done in groups, so that you have the power of that group to make the changes that you hope to make. It is a question of connecting with your own energy and using it to remove the chains that bind you, and humanity as a whole.

The Cabal’s energy has been reduced to 3% of what it was. Veronica is working with others who are releasing the energy that was suppressed by the Crown, the Vatican, and others. All the control systems are now exposed and are being removed. When this energy is released, it flows as it should. Black Magic and Artificial Intelligence outside the earth are used to depress and control man. Much help is being given to restructure the Earth, raising the vibration, and of course, raising consciousness. Please be open to these changes. A whole network of people is being used, though they are not conscious of this.

I have a plan that must be kept secret for now. All I can say is to expect the unexpected. The birth of a new way of life is progressing. The curtains are opening, welcoming in the light and exposing the dark. Energetic structures are releasing the dark energy and the light is flowing in. The ley lines of Tara are activated once more and they are connecting worldwide. Many people are being freed. It is the unlocking of the truth, that until now, was hidden from you. This is the great adventure. You will learn the truth of who you are, your history, and what you can achieve in this lifetime. Believe that you can do it and you will.

Banks will never hold you hostage again; they will be removed. Humanity will never buy into such lies again. Those who destroyed the quality of life on Earth will answer for their actions sooner than they think. The controllers of mankind are on the slippery slope to extinction AND THEY KNOW IT. The two who were head of this takeover were captured. They were never known to you, and it is best that Veronica does not know who they are. This was an enormous coup. It took time and patience but success was ours. You must get out of the mindset that you are helpless. This ploy was used by both religion and state, and look where that got you. Everything was taken from you, leaving you at their mercy, exactly as they intended.

Many of you have the ability to remove dark energy, so use it. Some of you hold codes and some of you have keys that can be used to help others. Unlocking ancient energy is very exciting. It removes everything that is negative and it embraces the light. Although we can guide you, it is up to you to release the ley line energy and the energy of water that is deep underground. You must prevent your corrupt governments from FRACKING, which prevents the human race from having its precious water supply. Enough is enough! You must refuse to comply with such actions that destroy what is yours by right.

You are living in such exciting times. Truth is being exposed everywhere and the Cabal has nowhere to hide. They never expected to find themselves exposed and helpless. This is a team effort, as friends from other planets work with us. It works perfectly.

To see a city such as Belfast, with its light restored, beaming out peace to all men, is so worthwhile. The ability is within all of you to restore the light. It just takes a little effort with intention and you can do it. Believe you can do it and you will do it. The power is within you. Become the change you want to see in others by leading the way.

Here is one easy way to connect with Source and get results that will surprise and delight you. Sit together, if possible, use HO’OPONOPONO. The energy you will create will be powerful. Just use this simple prayer.

I love you,
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me,
Thank you.

If you cannot do this with others, then take every opportunity to include this in your everyday life. By using this little prayer, everyone on Earth can play their part in making the changes which are necessary to remove all that is dark and corrupt. The good energy is becoming more powerful each day. It is concentrated in Asia, as those who demand the New World Order reside in that area. Asia is their base, so cleansing it first is necessary.

I can assure you that the process of change is working well. The sensitive ones among you are conscious of the energy change. We have to be thorough as we don’t want to leave any loopholes which the corrupt ones could use to remain on Earth and continue with their evil plans.

Be very wary of the food that you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. All these things have been contaminated in order to cause you the maximum harm. Avoid drug-based medicine whenever possible, and refuse unnecessary procedures in hospitals, as they cannot be trusted. Use natural products whenever you can, as these are more effective and safer. Nature provides all you could possibly need. Everyone of you can play your part in creating the world of your dreams.

My dear, expect the unexpected this week. Change is happening everywhere. Your work to remove the negative energy, with your friend, benefits all in your world.
My love is with you always. I am just a thought away.
Your adoring, Monty.

☆ 伊藤農園では体験農業募集中 

銀河連邦司令官アシュター(Ashtar) 2017年4月23日

Ashtar via Susan Leland, April 23d, 2017

主の評議会でのアシュターの声明– 2017年4月25日

「お元気ですか、愛する家族!  あなたが以前にそれを知っていなかったならば、それは今起こっている変化を感じてください - 時間を測定するごとに、ナノ秒ごとに指数関数的に増加しています。そして、これは事故ではありません!これは正にそれが進む為に必要な方法です。ドミノが崩れるようにこの勢いは増大し続けています。それはアメリカだけではなく世界中に渡ってドミノが崩れて行く小さな滝のような姿です。私はこの事を明確にしようと思います。

はい、私たちは、自由の女神像と一緒に船(UFO)を表示することを選択し、それが惑星地球がどこに行くのかを象徴する写真があります。それは単なる、あなたが知っている、「あなたの悲惨さ、あなたの貧しさなど、私を与えなさい」 - ただ素敵に聞こえるが、本当に意味を持たない言葉。私たちはその言葉に真実を置くことを話しています!私たちは自由の女神像が自由と平和の高い周波数と愛から湧き出るすべての世界的な象徴、すなわち表現となることを話しています。

そして、私たちはそれぞれの心の中で始まり、コミュニティを通って最終的に繋がることを話しています。それでは、明るいライト(ワーカー)を繋ぐグリッドではありません。また、視覚化したい場合は、 ライト(ワーカー)間の接続だけでなく、世の中全てが明るい光です。それはどのように見えますか?絶対的に美しいわけではありませんか?何故なら愛する皆さん多くの物に到着した地球を私たち(銀河連邦)どのように見ているかでありますが、より高い振動のなかで行き着く最初の地点であります。



しかし、3D(3次元)で何が起こっているのかを見たいと思っているなら、あなたはそれを高次の視点から見ることを本当にお勧めします。そうでなければあなたが知っているように低エネルギーに引き込まれるのは簡単です。例えば、あなたは暴力の話題を見て、それはあなたに何をしますか?あなたが高い地点から見通しているとすれば、あなたはそれを見て、言うでしょう、「ありがとう、これは何を変える必要があるかを見る別の潮時です」- 起こった出来事のために「ありがとう」ではなく、何かが変わることを見る時節への感謝です!

一方、あなたはそれの低周波に引き込まれ、あなた自身にいくらかの恐怖をもたらすことができます。私たちはそれをお勧めしませんが、あなたの選択です。私が言ったように、あなたの焦点は絶えず変化しているので、あなたの焦点がどこにあっても、私たちはその言葉のいかなる意味においても、判断したり咎めたり非難をしません。それは、あなたの意識的な存在の中で意識的に目覚めている焦点(レベル)です。だからあなたが自分自身をより高い振動に乗せているならば、これらの出来事について私アシュタール、人体に限定されていない私たちの他のすべての人(霊的存在)と同じ見通しを持つ事ができます。それは、あなたが行なう必要とする変化への権限をより強力にします! それについて考えます!


ですからこれらのエネルギーでお互い繋がりそれを達成しましょう。私たちは真近にいます。例えば NESARAの発表は光の中に進んで行く巨大なステップです。 高次元の政府をもたらすという事では、神聖な政府とそれが惑星地球全てを意味します!私はここにこれは一晩中物事を変えることになるということではないとあなたに提案します。しかし、1分待ってください!それはすぐに意識を急上昇させることでしょう!あなたはシューマン共振(Schumann Resonance)について聞いたことがあります。まあ、それは意識を測定するので私が話していることです。ネサラ(NESARA)の発表には様々な対応があります。

そして、愛するあなたを- ネサラ(NESARA)の発表のために惑星地球を準備するのを助ける-「地上の仲間達(Ground Crew members)」と呼ぶことにしましょう。それを続けるより多くの力を与えます。どのような方法で力を与えるのは何ですか?さて、世界のライフスタイル全ての問題において再びネサラが黄金時代の扉を開く正式な鍵である事を強調して、愛への復帰、帰郷、次元上昇、神の政府は、あなた達が希望すればアメリカ合衆国だけではなく地球上の全ての人々のものです!

今、この観念はゲサラ(GESARA)と呼ばれるものに結びついていて、それは、金融投資- 裁定取引-に関連しており普通の方法でしたが、そうではなくなるでしょう。全ての通貨が均等になり、株式市場にも賭けがなくなるなどのためです。それはネサラ(NESARA)と一緒に行なわれるでしょう。

ですから、全ての道路が黄金時代につながっているのなら - ローマ(偽りの繁栄する3次元世界)を忘れて - 黄金時代に向かいましょう!あなたがしたいのならローマを訪問すできます。しなしネサラ(NESARA)が、宣言されると世界中のあらゆる場所と同様それは大きく変わりより高い振動になります。そして地球とその周りへ私たちが連れて行く場所へ立ち上がる事ができます。

すでにその技術があります。あなたはそれを十分に気が付いています。そして、アシュタール司令部では、我々が「優れた技術」と呼ぶものを持っています。これは(思考による)結論ではありません - これは事実です!そして、あなたが言うかもしれないように、我々は公式に承認され(姿を)顕わすようになるとすぐに、この技術や他の多くのものを「広く公開」することができます。世界の指導者と会う時に、私たちの存在の現実と私たちの本当の意図が多くの人々に知られるようになったので、私たちは、隠す事を止めますので、その日は非常にすぐに来ています!


その間、あなたが船橋(司令室)に上りたいときに船(UFO)に上って来てください。ここに搭乗券があります。 セクメット(Sekhmet)の船(UFO)の搭乗券があります。あなた自身の船(UFO)に来てください! パイロットの座席に座ってください。 これらの事は 、惑星地球と人類、そしてガイアのすべての王国が占領しているレベルにかかわらず、どこにでも連れて行くようにこれらのことを行います。何故ならそこには多くの、多くのレベルがあります。あなたは、私たちの愛するレポーターたちの5D(5次元)に出入りする聞いて行ったり来たり人についての話し聞きます。そしてこれは現実です! ますますあなたの現実を作りましょう!

そして、私たちはこれらの機会をすべて光速 - 光で輝く速度で展開しています。私たちは単にあなたの視点を広げ、さらにはそれらを開くようにあなたを招待します。 そして、これはハートを元にする努力の一つです。あなたがここに来たものすべてを見て、知って、感じ、そしてそれを分かち合ってください。  それは、愛する人たち、私たちの使命です!これらの発表が行われると、我々はさらに多くの証拠になるでしょう!  そして、船(UFO)と一緒に、私たちは驚異的な技術をもたらします - そのうちのいくつかは既にここにあります!

そして、私たち自身もすでに放射能や毒性などの大規模な浄化に取り組んでいます。特にケムトレイルです。彼らはケムトレイルを出しているかもしれませんが、私たちは、 より頻繁に数、または時間のパーセンテージ を使い物質を中和しています!私が何を言っているか知っていれば、何らかの証拠をそのまま残す必要がありますが、大部分は中和しています。だからあなたの役割を果たしてください。 あなたが3Dプログラムの残渣の方法で何を得てもそれをクリアして一緒に飛んでみましょう!

私たちは、皆さんにこの集まりで高い気分で最も多くの神がここにいることに感謝します。全ての人に幸せな飛行を!それはそうなります。サルート! " 

Ashtar: “Come Fly with Us to Help Raise the Consciousness!”
Ashtar On The Road Conference Call – April 25, 2017

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well!  If you didn’t know it before, feel the shifting that’s going on right now – it’s exponentially increasing in every moment, in every nano-second as you measure time.  And this is no accident!  This is exactly the way that it needs to proceed.  Momentum is to be continually increasing, like the dominoes falling, picture that – the veritable cascade of falling dominoes all over the World – not just in the United States of America, and we want to make that very clear.

“Yes, we choose to show a ship in conjunction with the Statue of Liberty and there will be pictures of that, because that is symbolic of where Planet Earth is going to.  It’s not just, you know, ‘give me your wretched, your poor, etc., etc.’ – just words that sound lovely but don’t really have meaning.  We’re talking about putting the Truth into those words!  We’re talking about the Statue of Liberty becoming a Worldwide symbol, or representation, of the High frequencies of Freedom and Peace and all that springs from Love.  

“And we’re talking about it beginning within each and every Heart, and going out through the community and eventually joining, so it’s not a grid with bright Lights anymore, and if you want to visualize it, picture that grid filling in so that there are bright Lights everywhere – not just connections between the Lights.  How does that look?  Is it not absolutely beautiful? Because that, Beloved Ones, is how we see Planet Earth as it reaches the first of many – but the first real significant destination in the Higher vibrations!

“Now, we see it because it’s already happened.  It’s multi-dimensional, you know.  And so it is that on the Higher levels it’s already a done deal, as you might say.  But we do understand that you have the limitations of the human perspective.  That is still very real, and a part of your reality.  What it is for you to do is to rise up and out of that, and as you do that, then, of course, you can take the World with you, as its consciousness rises!
“Now, even when consciousness is High, there have been some dips and drops.  We want to talk to you about your perspectives. There are different – let’s just say locations of perspective from which you can view or assimilate information about what’s going on in the World.  And this is wherever you want to place your focus in every moment, so it changes and shifts!!!

“But now, if you want to view what is going on in 3D, we really advise you to look at it from a Higher perspective, because if you don’t, as you know, it is easy to get drawn in to the low energies. For instance, you see a story of some violence and what does that do for you?  Well, if you’re in the High perspective, you look at it and you say, ‘Thank goodness, this is another opportunity to see what needs to change,’ – not ‘thank goodness’ for the event that happened, but some Gratitude for the opportunity to see what there is to change!

“On the other hand, you can get drawn into the low frequencies of it and bring in some fear into yourselves.  We don’t recommend that, but it’s your choice.  And we are not judging, condemning or blaming in any sense of the word, wherever your focus happens to be because, as I have said, your focus is constantly changing.  That is, the focus that you are consciously aware of within your conscious beings.  So if you are taking yourselves up into Higher vibrations, you will have the same perspective upon these events as I, Ashtar, and all of the other ones of us who are not confined to the human bodies.  That makes you more powerful to empower the changes that need to be made!!!  Think about that!

“When you are in those High vibrations, you are a much more powerful being!  You are acknowledging, first of all, your Divinity, or the LoveLight within you, and you are in a position to utilize it.  Let us say that you do see something on your screens or you read something that is a story of violence.  You can temper it within your own beings by simply being in the High place enough to send the LoveLight through yourself and then send the LoveLight to everyone who is involved.  And send it out to the World with your message that we need to change this!  We need to come together in our Hearts.  We need to join in Community so that these kinds of events do not happen anymore.  And that’s another way of saying, ‘Let’s raise up and get out of this 3D programming,’ which is like an endless loop, you know.  It’s been going on for eons of time. And we know that you are perfectly willing to be up, up and out of it!

“So let’s join together with these energies and accomplish it.  We are so close!  This NESARA Announcement, for instance, is a HUGE step upward – forward, yes, into the Light, but upward in the sense of bringing Higher Dimensional Governance – Divine Governance and all that that means to Planet Earth!  I’m not here to suggest to you that this is going to change things overnight. But wait a minute!  What it’s going to do is immediately spike up the consciousness!!!  You may have heard of the Schumann Resonance.  Well, that’s what I’m talking about because that measures the consciousness.  And NESARA’s Announcement is going to be met with a variety of responses.

“And so, the more that you, Beloveds – let’s call you ‘Ground Crew members’ – can do to help prepare Planet Earth for NESARA’s Announcement, the more the Consciousness will spike up and remain Higher than it is in this moment!!!  That gives it more power to keep on going.  And what is that empowering anyway? Well, the return to Love, the Homecoming, the Ascension, the Divine Governance in all matters of World Lifestyles, again emphasizing that NESARA is the official key to the door of the Golden Age, if you wish.  And it’s for everyone on Planet Earth, not just the United States of America!

“Now, this concept has been tied to something that some are calling GESARA, and that, in turn, is tied to financial investments – arbitrage – which has been a way of life but will not be, because all currencies are going to be equal and there will be no more betting on the stock markets and so on and so on. That’s gone with NESARA!

“And there are many, many other ‘facts of life,’ as you might want to call them – programs that have been followed and adhered to and, in turn, vehicles of enslavement and so on.  We’ve been all over that.  We don’t need to go into that again. Those are going to disappear.  The consciousness will spike up just because the Announcement gets made.  But it’s empowering the Announcement that is our Mission as Ashtar On The Road Family!!!  And so we invite you to look at it from that perspective and continue to participate in whatever way or ways you feel to do.  Continue lifting yourselves up for whatever reason, remembering that this is ultimately your destination which is your Birthright – which is why you came into these bodies – into this lifetime anyway!

“So if all roads are leading to the Golden Age – forget Rome – go for the Golden Age!  Oh, you can visit Rome if you want to, but after NESARA’s Announcement, it’s going to be greatly changed and in a much Higher vibration, as is every location Worldwide. And you will get up into the places where we will have transportation for you around Planet Earth – and beyond!

“There is already that technology, and you are well aware of it And we, in the Ashtar Command, have what we will call ‘superior technology.’  This is not a judgment – this is a statement of fact! And so we will be able to, as you might say, ‘roll out’ this technology, and many others, as soon as we are officially disclosed and acknowledged.  And that day is coming very, very soon because as we decloak, or uncloak, as we meet with World leaders, the reality of our existence and our true intentions are becoming known to many, many more!!!

“And so it is that we are becoming more and more acquainted with you.  There is a much Beloved Woman in San Francisco who has accepted the Mission of making not only our existence real, but our willingness, with eagerness, to connect and communicate and commune with you!  More about that later.

“In the meantime, come on up to the ships when you want to lift up, and come on up to the Bridge. You have a boarding pass here; you have a boarding pass to Sekhmet’s ship.  Come up to your own ships!  Sit in your pilots’ seats.  Do these things to help bring them in to wherever – or I shall say – whatever level Planet Earth and Humanity and all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms are occupying, because there are many, many levels.  You heard our Beloved Reporters* talk about people who are going to and from 5D, going back and forth.  And this is reality!  Make it your reality, more and more!

“And so we have all of these opportunities unfolding at Light speed – Lighten-ing speed – and we simply invite you to broaden your perspectives, or open them even more.  And this is a Heart-based kind of an endeavor.  And be all that you came here to be. And see and know and feel all that you came here for, and then share it.  That, Beloved Ones, is our Mission!  And we will be even more in evidence as these Announcements get made!!!  And along with the ships, we will be bringing wondrous technologies – some of them are already here!

“And we, ourselves, are already participating in major clean-ups, of radioactivity and toxicities and so on and so on – chemtrails in particular. Yes, they may be putting the chemtrails out, but we are neutralizing their contents in, I shall say, large numbers, or  percentage of the time – more often than not!  It is still necessary to leave some evidence intact, if you know what I’m saying, but for the most part, we are neutralizing.   So do your part. Clear out whatever you’ve got in the way of 3D program residues and let’s fly together!!!  And so we thank you all for being here in this Gathering most Divine – High vibes and happy flying to all!  And so it is.  Salut!”

*Tara and Rama – Link to Conference Call recording: (Transcript to follow.)
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 25, 2017.
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